Top 10 Reasons Why an Athlete isn't Ranked

10. Problem: Didn't do the required number of races. You must do 3 sanctioned races in the SMW region for Du and for Tri.

Solution: Do more than the required number in case there are mistakes or a Race Director fails to turn in results. 

9. Problem: Race Director didn't send in results. 

Solution: Don't patronize those races and pursue the RD till results are submitted. 

8. Problem: Name misspelled in results.

Solution: Notify the proper people to fix it. We get the same results the athlete does.

7. Problem: Not a current USAT member. 

Solution: Self explanatory. 

6. Problem: Changed name during season, as in marriage. 

Solution: Self explanatory. 

5. Problem: Used a hyphenated name, as in Rodham-Clinton. 

Solution: Some software only uses a certain number of characters per name, eliminating the last few letters, resulting in a misspelling. Data entry personnel enter hyphenated names in different ways which also cause a mismatch between your name in the master file and the name from the race. 

4. Problem: Used a middle initial. 

Solution: Never use a middle initial on an entry form. The program will enter you with only your first name and middle initial, no last name (race directors: Please remove middle initials from your entry forms).

3. Problem: Name contains a space, as in Erick Van Steele. 

Solution: Enter your name as VanSteele. The above example would be ranked as though Erick was the first name and Van was the last name. 

2. Problem: An apostrophe, as in O'Hara. 

Solution: Probably not fixable, except by the athlete's careful observance of race results. Some data entry personnel use the apostrophe and some don't. Once again, it would cause a mismatch. 

1. Problem: The number one reason for not being ranked is the age old problem of not being consistent with first names, as in Ed in some races and Edward in others. 

Solution: Use the name as it appears on your license. This one is entirely under the athlete's control.

Actually, the NEW number one reason for not being ranked is failure to put your USAT number on your entry forms!