USAT SMW Officials Information

Regional Coordinators: 

  • Doug Harvey, SMW - South (AR,LA, TX-south of Waco) 

  • Merry Prather, SWW - North (OK, TX-north of Waco) 

The region has been split east to west through Waco, Texas, with Merry having the northern area plus Oklahoma and Dean having the southern area plus Louisiana and Arkansas. 

For questions about clinics, scheduling a clinic in your area, or any Officiating questions please contact: Merry Prather (  or Doug Harvey (

The USAT Competitive Rules can be accessed here. All participants are required to follow the listed rules at each USAT Sanctioned event, and could be penalized for violating them. It is suggested that all USAT members be familiar with the listed rules. 

As Regional Coordinators of Officials for USA Triathlon South Midwest Region, we were appointed by the Commissioner of Officials, Charlie Crawford. Responsibilities include recruitment, training, and recertifying USAT Officials. We work with the Commissioner on maintaining the highest level of rules interpretation and understanding. We assign officials for USAT sanctioned races in the four state region with approximately 50 officials. 

We maintain a file of sanctioned races that officials are assigned to, and they must turn in two reports after each race. The Head Referee Report is posted at a race notifying athletes if penalties are assessed from violation reports. A Post Race Evaluation is the second report that provides USAT headquarters and the Commissioner a checklist of such items as water temperature, lifeguards present, venue, transition security, emergency personnel, etc. A narrative of pros and cons of what the assigned Head Referee observed at a race is also included.