The creation of the USAT SMW HALL OF FAME is to recognize those individuals who have provided the SMW Region with excellence in their personal actions through exceptional athletic skills, leadership, service, support and/or counsel/coaching.


The USAT SMW Regional Council has created a committee of three members to ensure the HALL OF FAME nominations fit the criteria and to manage the nomination process.  Top candidates each year will be recommended by SMW members through a nomination ballot to the Regional Council for installation into the SMW Hall of Fame.  Nominations will be allowed from the USAT SMW population until November  30 of the given year. The selected SMW HALL OF FAME candidates for each calendar year will be voted upon by the SMW HALL OF FAME Committee and the previous HALL OF FAME members from the last three years. In the case of a tie, the sitting Council will break the tie. The selections will be announced in December and presented at the annual Frost Yer Fanny awards banquet. 

The nominees must have been active USAT members during the time of their achievements. Their actions must have a direct impact in or to the SMW Region.  

 The first year of SMW HALL OF FAME induction there can be up to five total male/female/support selected and voted on by the entire Council. In subsequent years, the selectees will be limited to two male, two female, or two support selections( total  FOUR).  If there is a two calendar year period where no selections are identified, the selection process returns to the first year selection number (5).

To nominate a Hall of Fame candidate for the USAT South Midwest Region, please click the link below:

Hall of Fame Nomination Form