Mike Greer grew up in West Texas. He is an athlete and attended the University of Houston and University of Texas at Arlington  on athletic scholarships in football and track.  Mike received a PhD in Psychology and is a Life Coach.  He has continued his athletic activities as an adult by running in marathons and triathlons. 

He was a successful business man who owned an equipment sales company in Lubbock for many years and was an Army reserve officer  in the Armor branch.  He retired from the Army as a Lt Col after 25 years of service.  Mike sold his Equipment business  in the mid 2000s.  

Mike  has remained very active in the  multisport world  and created the triathlon at Buffalo Springs Lake in 1990.  It began as an Olympic distance event and grew to the present Half Iron distance in 1994.  The event began with 91 participants and has grown to more than 1400.  It is billed at the closest conditions in a 70.3 race similar to the Ironman Kona and includes an Energy lab run.

Mike has served as the President of the USAT South Midwest Region, as a member of the USAT National Board, and as interim CEO of USAT  in the mid 2000’s.

In addition to all his business, management, and multisport organization duties, he has continued to be active competitor.  He has completed over 340 multisport events, including  7 Ironmans--one at the Kona World Championship.

For his continual efforts in  the multisport world , Mike was recognized and inducted into the Texas Triathlon Hall of Fame in 2011. 

One of Mike’s great accomplishments was finding Marti , his wife. She has an athletic background as well and attended the University of Georgia on a gymnastics scholarship.  Mike encouraged her to participate in multisports and she has completed 150 events, 4 Ironmans, including Kona. Marti  is very active at Buffalo Springs Triathlon, as well as managing the many other events that  BSLT produces.