I have been an active triathlete since 1987. I have had the opportunity to compete in 350+ multisport,including 20 Ironman events around the USA and in several other countries, which has given me a better awareness of the multisport environment in many different locations.

This is my eighth term on the USAT SMW Regional Council. My first two terms were in 1996 to 1999 and included one year as Region President. In the 2000’s I have served five terms as Vice President/Vice Council Chair. I feel that these past experiences will enable me to be productive on the current Regional Council, and, hopefully, provide some productive results for the benefit of the SMW Region.

I was WTC official, CAT 2 USAT official. I am an ITU official and USAT Certified Race Director.

I am currently an active member of one multisport club. I feel that clubs can and should provide a strong, supportive environment for individuals in the multisport arena and promote multisport awareness to communities through training sessions, information sessions and community events.

I support the Region’s strong involvement in Youth activities and events, and intend to press for greater Youth awareness and participation during my tenure.


Email: jbrtri@earthlink.net