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USAT has begun a program toward development of High School level triathletes. The South Midwest Region will be the first Region to have a small series of triathlon races that will allow students already entered in High School to compete against each other and work toward a USAT SMW High School Race Series Championship and better prepare HS students to compete in USAT High School National Championships.

 Some considerations: 

A -  The High School athlete must be currently enrolled in a public/private/charter High School. No middle school 8th grade about to be 9th grade.

B -  Maximum age limit will be 19 years as dictated by USAT ‘age up’ protocol. This complies with UIL standards for age limits.

C -  HS athletes must race in a completely separate event from youth.

D -  HS athletes may race in an adult sprint event as long as it is held completely separate from a simultaneous youth event.

E -  HS athlete(s) could not race in a Youth Series event and then compete in the Region’s HS division thru a HS/adult race later in the day/weekend. For instance, the athlete may be a race age, 15 year old, 9th grade student who could compete in the YOUTH series (13-15 age group). Because they already participated in the Youth Division, even though they are in HS, this athlete could not compete later that day/weekend in the HS series (15-19 age group range).

F -  Race distances should parallel distances at USAT Junior National Championships, ie – Youth Elite or USAT sprint distance.

G -  Race Director does NOT have to provide a totally separate division for HS athletes.  Merely include these competitors into your 16-19 or under 19 age group in an adult level triathlon.

H -  Race Director will need to send separate results for the HS division to Andy Watkins, USAT SMW Regional Rankings assimilator.

The four events on the series are:

Baylor Tom Landry Triathlon,  McKinney Kiwanis , Tri AggieLand & Blackland Triathlon

Doug Fairchild
USAT SMW Regional Board: Chairman – Youth/HS/U23; Recording Secretary; HOF Committee
CSCS RSCC *Emeritus