Morgan Hoffman



Elected 2011

As a long-time endurance athlete, Team USA member, and full-time worker in the triathlon industry, I come to the Regional Council fully invested in the growth of our sport and its community here in the South Midwest. I see some of the greatest untapped potential in the region in our youth and collegiate athletes. As a former collegiate athlete, collegiate coach, and youth coach for numerous young athletes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, I am fortunate to have first-hand knowledge of that aspect of our sport, and my primary goal as a Council member is to grow that area through providing new resources to both youth athletes and coaches. Other goals will include making the sport and any regional resources more accessible to all athletes in the region, and making our region more visible throughout the country. I look forward to having the opportunity to serve the athletes in our region, and to continue to develop the growth of our sport here in the South Midwest.

Morgan's current term expires in 2015.