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Address: Amarillo, Texas
Duties: Admin. Assistant,
website, social media


Christy Gooch - Administrative Assistant, Website, Social Media

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New to the USAT family and learning a lot. I am a runner by heart but tend to try (and usually fall in love with) any sport someone around me happens to be doing. Marathons are my favorite pastime but I have competed in a few triathlons, bike 150’s, Tough Mudder, you name it. Basically, just love to be outdoors.

I am a computer teacher by trade, so working as the administrative assistant for USAT has given me an amazing chance to blend my career and passion for sports together. I live in Amarillo Texas and have been married to my best friend for 22 years. We have a daughter at UT and a son at TTU.  Never a dull moment.