Austin Gateway 11/9/17

Training for Triathlon-Adult & Youth

Have you ever wondered what’s involved in training for a triathlon?

Do you swim or bike or run first?
What is the time and money investment for getting a child involved in triathlon?
I’ve seen those athletes going really, really far on T.V. every year in Hawaii.  Is there a shorter distance for me?

How do I train for all 3 disciplines?

 Join USAT SMW Coaching Chair Frank Cortese for a “FREE” clinic that will answer all your questions.

Training for Triathlon-Adult & Youth is a lecture followed by a question and answer session.  Attendees will be given information that will assist them in deciding if multisport is a good fit for their lifestyle.  Topics discussed will include:

  • Choices for race distances and locations
  • Explanation of a typical training program
  • What to expect out on the course for a first swim, bike and run
  • What it takes to balance self, family, work and triathlon
  • Costs involved with triathlon such as equipment, race fees, coaching

Total Cost - FREE

Space is limited.  Please contact Coach Frank at   for further information.