Top Guns

What are they? Who are they? Does it make any difference for you? For those of you looking to improve your rankings or looking for more competitive races in the Region the number of Top Gun athletes that participate with you will impact the point value of your race.

Each year the Region’s Top Guns are listed. They are based upon the previous years regional rankings. These are the top performers to look for in the results to determine what weight value each race is given. All races start with a minimum weight of 90 points, but can be worth as much as 100 points for non-championship events. State championships are worth 100 points and regional championship events are worth 105 points (the sprint distance is worth 102). The difference in the weight of the race depends on how many Top Gun athletes finish the race. For an event to receive its maximum weight, 10 elite duathletes (for duathlons) or 20 elite triathletes (for triathlons) must complete the event. This rule does not apply to state or regional championship events, which maintain their max score no matter how many Top Gun athletes compete .

2014 USAT SMW Region Duathlete Top Guns


Hink, Todd
Lyons, Dana
Gonzalez, Eloy
Ferguson, Mark
Torres, Carlos
Smith, Tommy
Proko, Benjamin
Sievert, Steve
Relyea, William
Lee, Beau


Chapman, Kirsten
Menard, Katrina
Brooks, Debbie
Ekern, Anne
Welsch, Kaytlynn
Newberg, Kelly
Hassenpflug, Tammy
Lyle, Mary
Smith, Leslie
Rebant, Colleen

2014 USAT SMW Region Triathlete Top Guns


Emge Clay
Kotar Keith
Conry Richie
Nunez Josue
Balis David
D'agostino Horacio
Migues Michael
Inch Matt
Cooke Seth
Rosales Rick

Green Richard
Bach Elliot
Barreira Tiago
Fugate Cole
Cleveland Jamie
Sessions Korey
Hall Ben
Drezek Benjamin
Trowbridge John
Ritter William




Olson Rachel
Foust Amanda
Bach Natalie
Burlet Elodie
Smith Ann
Sormunen Lara
Miller Melissa
Sander Sharon
Grant Krystle
Wolfe Katheryn
Ellis Ashley

Martin Angel
Johnson Ashley
Bieging Lyndsi
Smith Stephanie
Ziegler Jane
Pickhardt Maggie
Finley Margaret
Petruk Lindsay
Leblanc Michelle
Etherton Melanie




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