Athlete Ranking Information

Look at the most recent South Midwest rankings listed on the each specific discipline’s rankings page. Verify that all of your races are listed. If they are then your rankings score should be correct.

You must complete three (3) Triathlons or three (3) Duathlons or two (2) Aquabikes or one (1) Aquathlons in our region to be ranked at the end of the year. You can be ranked in more than one discipline.

Preliminary rankings are posted throughout the year, and the number of required races to be ranked changes based on time. For Tri and Du, your ranking should appear if you have done 1 race by April, 2 races by June, and 3 races by September. For Aquabike, your ranking will appear if you have done 1 race by June and 2 by September.

This means if you have NOT done that number of races by that time, you will not be ranked.

The UNRANKED athletes list is NOT a list of athletes who have not done the necessary number of races to have a ranking. Instead, it is a list of athletes who registered for a race either using a 1-Day license or whose license number was not included in the race results. If your name appears in this list but you have a USAT number, contact to have this corrected.

To be clear: If you have not done enough races to be ranked, your name will not appear in either the ranked or unranked list. Once you have done the required number of races, your ranking should appear. If not, contact with your questions.

Elite Waves are ranked. 

USAT National Rankings are separate and have absolutely nothing to do with SMW regional rankings. You can be ranked higher or lower in either, or ranked in one, and not the other. 

If you still are unsure of why a race is not listed or ranked then Read the Top 10 Reason's why athletes don't get ranked. If you want to understand how your score was calculated then read the Ranking RulesClick below to view the list of Top Gun Athletes for the season to see who helps raise the point value of your races:

Depth of Awards/Recipients for year-end rankings.  

Number in Each Age Group

  • 1-3:  1 award
  • 4-6:  2 awards
  • 7-30:  3 awards
  • 31-45:  4 awards
  • 46+:  5 awards

SMW regional racing calendar runs from January 1 till December 31 each year. 

For questions about rankings, please email